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Why us?

Action Refund is a company specializing in accountant forensics and crypto tracing services. Whether you lost your funds with a dishonest broker, crypto exchange, or any other way, we have the tools and knowledge to help.

So far, we have helped thousands of clients and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars through our work with law enforcement, regulators, and banks.

You are not alone!

If you find yourself becoming a victim of online fraud, you are not alone;
millions of people worldwide are stuck facing this very same and typically overwhelming predicament.

Many individuals get discouraged when facing fraud, due to its burdensome nature, thinking that there is nothing to be done, feeling ashamed, frustrated and not knowing where to turn.

We at Action Refund are here to let you know that you are not alone.

Our expertise in the field of online trading scams and many other types of online fraud has helped thousands worldwide in recuperating their lost funds, bringing these perpetrators to justice and returning stolen wealth to their rightful owners.

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Action Refund’s comprehensive services include a free consultation where we will provide you with all the information that is necessary to begin your case. If action is required, our company will investigate the matter and represent you before the fraudulent company, your bank, regulators, and any other necessary agency.

Collection of information

Upon collecting all the necessary information and establishing that your request is valid and that fraud has indeed occurred, you will receive information and instructions as to how we will begin the process of getting back your lost funds.


Together with you, we will decide on the best and most efficient course of action in order to successfully recover your funds.


With us, you can be certain all measures are taken to guarantee you the best chances of success and to get back what is rightfully yours.

Your Money-Back Guarantee

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Recovering funds can be a complex process, and the time it takes depends on the situation. Rest assured, we’re working hard to assist you every step of the way. If you ever have any concerns, feel free to request a refund within the first 14 days. Your opinion matters to us, and we appreciate your trust.

Types of scams

These days, binary options investments which can also be referred to as cash-or-nothing investments typically pay off nothing at all or a fixed monetary amount.

Unfortunately, much of the binary trading market is fraudulent & unregulated, meaning that, unbeknownst to investors, it’s impossible to make a profit and there is zero compensation at the end of the road.

Furthermore, there are binary options’ brokers that tell investors their money goes into a segregated bank account when in reality no such account exists, and the money goes into the brokers’ accounts which are normally far away in a tax haven country.

Those who wish to withdraw their money always end up running into a stone wall, and unfortunately discover that it is gone for good.

Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX, or currency market) trading has become a popular and attractive way to invest money in the market. The Forex market determines foreign exchange rates for every currency. It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices.

Fraudulent Forex agencies use people’s lack of experience in online trading and promise them a high profit with very low or non-existent risk (risk free trading). As a result, people are tempted to give away their money without realizing that their chances of gaining the profits that they were promised are zero. All this together with the bulldozer-like attitude of Forex trading brokers makes these types of scams one of the most prolific financial frauds in recent history.

In 2018, Cryptocurrency scams totaled $1.7 billion in loses for people who were enticed to invest in in these types of online currencies. The unparalleled success of Bitcoin resulted in the formation of other cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets, which naturally caused people to invest in online coins. The most common Cryptocurrency scam is a Ponzi scheme – “old” investors in Cryptocurrency get money when new investors purchase virtual currencies. In essence, there is no profit whatsoever, money gets moved around between investors and the profits are close to none.

Aside from Forex, Binary Options, and Cryptocurrency scams, there are other common types of online frauds that target anyone they can; online dating/romance scams, for example, are very common and typically targets women around the world; many women have fallen victim to men who depicted themselves as single and willing to be in a relationship.

Once they got their victims’ comfortable and trusting, the men who performed the scams asked large sums of money for supposed emergencies, cheating women out of thousands of dollars. The widespread fraud does not usually result in lawsuits due to the victims feel ashamed that they have been duped and left heartbroken by their scammers.

We are all over the world

action refund

Got scammed online?

We are here for each and everyone of you who have fallen victim to any sort of online scam.

Our team is ready to track down your money, no matter how dire the situation may seem, and get you back what is rightfully yours.

    What is a chargeback?

    A chargeback is the process which allows you to retroactively cancel a credit/debit card transaction. The process begins the moment a request is filed with the bank that issued you the card.

    I authorized these transactions weeks/months/years ago, is it still possible to do a chargeback?

    Visa® and Mastercard® guarantee that you can apply for a chargeback at any time within 120 days from the date of the transaction. Under certain conditions, that period can be extended to up to 540 days. In certain jurisdictions, the law provides you with even more time. As time passes by, it typically becomes more and more difficult to trace your lost funds. Fraudulent companies tend to declare bankruptcy or go defunct in order to avoid paying back stolen funds, only to come back afterward under a different name. However, as mentioned above, there is no specific time frame in which the task becomes unworkable. There have been people who managed to recover their funds several years after the fraudulent transaction occurred. As part of our free consultation, we will determine & advise you on how probable it is to trace back your money and successfully perform a chargeback.

    If I authorized these transactions in the first place, won’t the bank hold me responsible for them?

    No. Any authorized transaction must result in you receiving the service that you were promised. These fraudulent companies do not engage in truthful practices. Even if the company followed their obligation to you, it must also meet specific regulatory obligations in order for the transaction to be considered legally binding. Most of these unregulated scam companies aren’t able to justify their practices, therefore making all such transactions illegal and open for dispute.

    Why should I go with Action Refund and not pursue this on my own?

    When attempting to perform a chargeback, you must be able to provide all the necessary information which isn’t generally requested from you by the bank, while at the same time adhering to the guidelines and requirements of your specific banking institution. Furthermore, you normally only get one attempt to properly dispute a charge. Our experts at Action Refund specialize in building and representing our clients at the highest and most professional level necessary to get your chargeback approved. We know the specifics which maximize your chances of success and have an array of tools at our disposal which isn’t typically available to those who aren’t familiar with how this process works.

    What are the chances of successfully recovering my funds?

    That all depends on specific details of your case, as every situation is unique. Following your free consultation, we will provide you with our preliminary assessment, which includes your likelihood of success. Action Refund will never instill false hopes in our potential clients. If we believe that you have a case with a high probability of success, we will provide you with all of the available recovery options, and when we take on a case, we guarantee to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of recovering what is rightfully yours.

    Who we are?

    Action Refund is a specialized chargeback company working closely with online financial scam victims. Our utmost goal is to help those in need recover their hard-earned money.
    The most precious word in our dictionary is justice, which is what we fight for. With online scams being a prevalent method of fraud in the past years, we specialized in accountant forensics and crypto tracing services. We established cooperation with global regulators and law enforcement.
    Each of our members has been hand-picked due to their vast experience and deep knowledge about the matter. Once you reach out to us, we’ll ensure to connect you with an expert in the related field. Upon the first consultation, you will understand why Action Refund has the trust of thousands of clients around the world.


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