Crypto Investigative Services

Crypto Investigative Services

Usually, cryptocurrencies change many wallets before the funds are cashed out. Following the coin trace and discovering who the person to do the cash out was is vital for finding your funds and identifying the scammer.

Why Is Action Refund First Among Many?

Action Refund will provide you with a number of services and technologies you won’t find anyplace else. For instance, we offer:

  • Crypto investigation experts who are working on your particular case
  • Usage of the most advanced crypto tracking software and reading results
  • Access to our database of resolved cases and information about wallets
  • Cooperation with regulators and law enforcement
  • Using cutting-edge technology such as OSINT, CYBINT, and FININT

Crypto Trace Services

We provide a vast number of crypto trace services, including:

  • Consultation and collecting evidence from the client
  • Evaluation of the received information and evidence
  • Technical crypto tracking (with OSINT, CYBINT, and FININT software)
  • Using crypto forensics to trace the coin movement
  • Preparing final report on uncovered facts

How Do We Investigate Crypto Transactions?

Our investigators use different tools and methods to investigate the coin movement and find the wallet owner. Some of our services include:

  • Access to tracing tools
  • Using our crypto software
  • Using Bitcoin forensics
  • Access to exclusive databases of known scam wallets
  • AML tracking

Crypto Investigation Report

Once we finish with the investigation process, each customer gets the full report about uncovered facts. This report contains:

  • Graph presentation of client’s fund movement
  • A detailed description of the funds’ movement
  • Conclusion of the investigation
  • Preparing documents to be submitted to the regulator and law enforcement
  • Assistance and consultation with the submitted claim

This report contains everything we uncovered during the crypto trace and crypto investigation phase. You will see the money path and who the owner of the final wallet is. Using this information, you can submit a dispute to the relevant authorities.