Wire Transfer Recall

Wire Transfer Recall

What is a wire transfer recall?

If you’ve transferred funds through your bank account, or better said, wire transfer, there’s still a chance to recover your funds.

If you’ve been scammed, you should contact the bank immediately and initiate a “SWIFT recall.” You should explain to your bank that the transaction is fraudulent and provide them with all the information. Bank clerks will ask about the amount, time of the transfer, account number, and personal details, so be ready to provide all the above.

You can also ask your bank to report the fraud to the fraud department of the receiving bank so that they can freeze the funds once they are transferred. In case the funds were already cashed out, your bank must start the investigation and find out where the funds were transferred and how.

As you can already guess, such a procedure is rather expensive and requires bank clerks to work overtime and consult with the recipient’s bank, which may be in another country.

How Can Action Refund Help?

  • We will evaluate your case in detail
  • We’ll collect the necessary evidence for requesting a SWIFT recall
  • We’ll deal with the bureaucracy and handle all the paperwork
  • We’ll keep you updated about all the steps and progress we make
  • We’ll protect your rights during the entire procedure.